Add a nonce to the contact form – put simply, wordpress site slow ( this helps protect you against spam. However, I wanted to make the point that there are times when it makes sense to put your users before the search engines (and Google say to create website for your users as well).

Make sure that your WordPress theme supports all popular plugins. The many features inherent within a WordPress blog allow for you to start marketing in new ways never before imagined. 4. Once you are all set and ready to write your first blog post, we can guide you with any questions or technical support.

Some employers are struggling with this and lean to IT experts to set up systems to control information and filter allowed websites at workplace. Information control on social media has been a problematic topic for many employers. The risk again is if hackers succeed, this will not only result on personal information being leaked but also company’s assets.

  1. Add URLs to allow access
  2. Make New User On WordPress account
  3. Display the plugin version type in the WordPress backend Plugins -> Installed Plugins page
  4. Post slug
  5. Custom header & Background functionality
  6. Magazine functionality to build magazine / news websites

There are plenty of free WordPress themes available with new ones being released on a daily basis. Completely untrue. Being Open Source does not result in the lower development and maintenance cost. It could be difficult for beginners to analyze a theme’s source code on their own. For more thorough testing you can copy the URL of theme’s demo page and paste it in Google’s Mobile Friendly Test page.

First you need to download the theme’s zip file to your computer. First you need to understand what happens to a WordPress site when you switch themes. So in case you just want to embed a video, or audio or place simple buttons for call to action, have a 2-3 column structure in the middle of your web page or have a pre-styled blockquote or pre-styled content box for differently presenting your content you just need a shortcode.